One day, a few years ago my friend Gitte said she missed my big, bold, beautiful paintings. And you know what´s strange? I had forgotten all about them.

I had forgotten how well I felt, how joyful I FELT- AS I WAS STANDING there IN FRONT OF MY BIG CANVASES (totaly inside of what I was doing) .

When I did them, I had first started out playfully drawing beautiful little sketches for my paintings-to-be with pencils on brown paper. The pink, the oranges, pale blues, were having fun together with the splash of purple!

Yes, there had been joy when I painted those big, bold!

Gitte missed them - and now I remembered them. She suggested I should put off a time every year when I was in a beautiful place. She suggested me to set of a couple of months each year for painting.  So I bought a house. A house to play in.

And I am thinking; what happened? 

Well... after that happy episode of painting, I painted little, tiny ones - also in a playful, joyful mode. (To speed up the drying a little, I would put a couple of them at the time at low temperature in the oven to dry) Some of these turned out lovely. But then? What happened? Maybe I was striked by the boring, economical reality? I don´t know. I got portrait commissions. I worked extra at different jobs. I have no good answer to what happened.

I had some little exhibitions I feel ashamed of.

I stoped playing. I stoped desiering for colors. I forgot all about the joy. I forgot about those big, bold paintings Gitte now had reminded me of!

. . .

I saw the joy in the photos Elizabeth Bunsen would post every morning on Facebook as she greeted a new day. I could see that this woman was still playing when she was making her art. I saw that playful touch which also I used to have once upon a time. A long time ago. Maybe Elizabeth could help me getting back there again? I knew I wouldl be getting there!

I begged her for an assignment and this is what she gave me.

"Dear Olga, take out your journal - write a list of what you are seeing, dreaming, loving... dribble some of your morning tea or coffee on the spread - let it dry then doodle... stamp the date/or... doodle some more...snap and tape a polaroid in a corner... merry merry!!!"

I gave it a try. 

It was very, very, very tricky for me to both "be present" and "letting go" - at the same time. I really admit I wished I could do this better. A lot better. I wished that I would be able to create with ease. Elizabeth could. And my mother..

After trying to do all according to the assignment I was given,  I soon ended up just drawing. I started every day drawing. And oh, it felt good! Most of the time.

But that playfulness, that joy - how would I make that become a natural ingredient in my "morning practice"??  (I liked using Elizabeths term ; "morning practice").

JOY and PLAYFULLNES is essential! 

. . .

In December, 2016 I got a studio in an old schoolhouse. It is a joyous place, in which it is easy to concentrate and focus... What happened there I share with you in my blog. I am on my way to painting lovelinesses again!

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